Whats some good made in the USA stuff

Many (but not all) models of Red Wing boots are made in the USA.
Klein Tools makes a bunch of their stuff in the USA as well, as do Channellock and Elkind.
Leatherman makes at least some of their products in Oregon, as does Gerber
Some of the Pelican products are made in California

There's still quite a bit of manufacturing in the US. Choice of manufacturing location is almost always driven by more than just labor cost - things like supply chain (both for the raw materials that are used in manufacturing, and for the finished products), quality control, and tightness of integration with the associated R+D center are all factors, and offshoring (or outsourcing) production isn't always cheaper.

Diana Mullis

Oct 13, 2012
Thinking about getting some of the classic Carhhart Double knee pants that are made in the USA. Got me to thinking. What are some other products to consider?
Duluth Trading has great pants. Lots of pockets. They used to have a lifetime warranty but that has recently been dropped. Still, they are worth the money. Heavier fabric than Carhhart.

Brian Bolly

Jan 11, 2011
Baltimore, MD
In cleaning up some files I came across a carnet from a couple years ago and it got me thinking about what else in our shop was Made in USA:

Whirlwind cables/metalwork
Entertainment Manufacturing cables/metalwork
Lex Products cables/distros
Motion Labs distros & cabling
Olympic Cases

I think Columbus McKinnon hoists and ETC lighting as well, but did not verify.