Where do they get/how do they create these sounds?

Christopher Burke

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Jun 21, 2018
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Dear Anyone.

Ok, it's the ghastly question but I'd LOVE to know the answer. Loads of people use these pad sounds as backings/part of backings so I thought if I posted YouTube links to the sounds, someone could tell me where to get hold of them - hopefully inexpensively - or give me pointers on making them (I try following YouTube guys but my end results are sh - er - not brilliant!)

Medicine Woman by Med Goodall. It's the pad you hear in the first second of the actual track, it kinda goes along behind everything in the whole track and it's dead useful for that!

Karunesh. The pad sounds that start about 2.30 in - not the flute or bells, got those sorted, the backing pad he uses to stick the flute on top of! Again - it's a great sound to have, it just says 'orchestra' and you can use it to help out all kinds of lesser sounds (if you don't happen to have Logic X and Omnisphere on your computer!)

I've got a pile of VSTs but none of them seem to have those kind of pads on them and despite trying to follow loads of YouTube synth programming vids., my results have not been good. Not sure WHY. Not even sure WHY there's so many different synth VSTs out there - I mean as they're all using waves, gates, high/low pass and oscillators, surely you should be able to use any of them to create any sound? So why does following the same instructions on 2 VSTs give you two different sounds?? What am I missing?

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Sep 12, 2012
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I think the answer lies in creative layering of pads, neither of those examples sound like they are doing anything that is too game changing TBH.

Regarding your question about VSTs, a few reasons would include: different algorithms, discrepancies between what values are being input vs what is being displayed in the UI (12 oclock on a virtual knob isn't neccessarily the same value on different VSTs).

Not sure you are going to get a lot of feedback on this forum (we typically cater to live sound), and most of the production forums I was a member of 10+ years ago seem to be defunct.
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