X1204usb behringer mixer vu meter problem

brian dunn

New member
Oct 14, 2019
County durham UK
Just bought the above mixer wondering if anyone can help.I have set up the gain on one of the mic channels by pressing the SOLO button and using the mode button to set the pfl mode to set the levels on the vu meter in conjunction with the gain and volumes.When I do this the vu meter registers.Then after setting the gain and knocking the solo button off as in the manual nothing registers when singing on the vu meter.Can anyone out there help me please?Thanks Brian

David Morison

Aug 21, 2012
Aberdeen, Scotland
When you switch the PFL back off, the meters will revert to showing main output level, so you need to have the channel unmuted, its fader up, routed to main mix and main faders up before you'll see signal activity there.
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