X32 Compact with Cubase AI and X-Live card almost working

Mark Trois

New member
Jul 6, 2020
I'm trying to get my X32 Compact with X-Live card and Cubase AI 6 working correctly.

So I created a session in Cubase AI 6 by importing tracks from other sources and setting up a mix. Cubase works fine - tracks are all functioning correctly. I've taken all the necessary steps to get my devices talking to each other. X32 has latest firmware version 4.01.

I've connected my X32 Compact to my PC, turned on the remote DAW - I can run Cubase and I have no issues getting the tracks into the X32.Transport controls are functioning properly from the X32. I have used the VST connections and setup 16 mono ins and outs. I've assigned each track an appropriate output and send them off to my mixer. All is good. Transport controls work, faders move in Cubase - X32 meters are showing signals coming from Cubase, that's all good. (y)

My issue is getting the files to playback through the mixer. I have set the Card Output to channels 1-8. Each channel 1-8 is showing a small C01-C08 in the scribble strip so I know I am connected to the card. When I hit play - Cubase starts, I see the track meters working on both the mixer and my PC, but no matter how many different things I try - rerouting, disconnecting and reconnecting, power down and up, close and reopen Cubase 63942 times - I just simply can't get the audio tracks to play through the board channels. After 6 hours of craziness, o_O I'm totally spent on this.

Anybody with any insight and possible solutions - I'm all ears. 🤔

Thanks -