X32 Rack Matrix Phasing Issues

Ernest Allen

New member
Dec 23, 2022
United States
Hey everyone. I just installed an X32 rack in my church. I setup LCR or Left Center Right using the matrices for front and rear house. For some reason I’m getting a strange phasing issue when I run stereo. If I pan left or right, it’s a fuller sound (more bass and hi end clarity). Once they come together I lose something. I have tried the phase button on the matrix but that makes it worse. My setup is matrix 1-2 front house left- right; matrix 3-4 rear house left-right; matrix 5 front center; matrix 6 rear center.

I’m routing to outputs 1-6 on the rack. Outputs 7&8 are for streaming.

While testing keep in mind the center channels are muted.

The house speakers are QSC K12’s.

I hope I gave enough information.

Any help would be appreciated.

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