Yamaha QL5 Scene help


New member
Jan 31, 2023

I am the instrumental music director at our high school and have been tasked with running the Yamaha QL5 board. I have 20 years in pro audio running a recording studio and I also run the high school recording arts club. The reason for my question is that I am looking for instructions on how to create scenes. We are having our musical in 6 weeks and will need to create scenes that we can progress through so that we have the worn microphones that the actors use turn on and off as they leave and enter the stage for their scene. I understand how to get to the scene select screen (low right hand corner), how to scroll to an empty line on the scene list, adjust certain parameters, and save and recall certain scenes. The issue I am having right now is the fader placement. If I go from one scene to the next the faders don't move. I would appreciate any help on the best way to run the scenes so the students who will be running the board can have the next scene ready with that the faders and other parameters set. Thank you.