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This forum is boring for me, I have no interest in posting here. If you would like to learn more about my projects and if you have a Facebook registration, you can visit my " Jоrors DIY- Audio" group.


When you arrive in Bulgaria / Sofia /, you can be my guest. For details we can contact with my email:

graitchev @


are the UK DIY PM's still for sale and are they 60's or 90's & of course how much?
Josh Ellis
Hi, yes they are I have 2 unloaded ones for sale, I'm after £400. Very good builds.
Hello All - I have a new Mackie DL16s and am confused as to how to effectively use the Trim and Gain - having the biggest issue with acoustic guitar and lead vocals. Everything else is ok. if you are not familiar with Mackie Masterfader 5 which is also new to me. The challenge to me is the channel slider, master volume slider and then Gain and Trim.
Not professional, but I hope you all will let me stay. I have been mixing in a church since I was 17 or so, Finally have moved up to a Soundcraft Expression Si 3 Which is quite the rocket science. We are using a Multidigital card with USB out recording into Reaper on a windows PC. The Worship service is more like a Symphony than most churches I have seen. This can cause its own problems.
Rob: I just recommended you to a bride for a wedding gig (lav mic for a minister) on 11/3/18 at the Royal Senesta Hotel in Cambridge.
If you are unavailable, please recommend someone else.
Best, Mike Monte
Henry Gutierrrez
Hello, Mr. Uli Behringer, I am a Spanish musician who resides in the north of Poland, I am a client of yours, I have the Behringer FCA1616 card, and the wonderful Behringer DEEP MIND 12. For me after 40 years I have been in electronics is the best synthesizer that I have had, I come from Korg MS-20, Kawai SX-210, Roland JP 8000, Nord Lead 2, Yamaha RMx 1, Fizmo Ensoniq, long etc, but Deep Mind is superior to everythi
Hello Josh,
I have a couple of Crest 9001's on my shelf with obscure faults.
I talk to Peavey / Barnes & Mullen here in the UK.
They have provided me with the schematics but there does not appear to be a service manual or details of the wiring harnesses.
Also details of how all the protection / Autoramp / IGM would help.
Can you help?
Hi Claus,
I did the original drawings. The file is attached.
I had to add .PDF to DWG file since the forum would not allow me to upload it. Just remove the .PDF extension and it should work fine.
I believe it was Max that did an updated drawing with a slightly different design. You can find that link in the forum post.
Happy building!

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