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Hello Peter. As you might have read in the DIY90 thread, I created a 3D model based on the plans from Max Warasila. I would share the Fusion 360 and dxf files of the assembled model and the flatpacks with everybody on the thread, but just with your permission. Would you be okay with that?
regards Jami
Hello Peter, my name is Juri Ebel, i come from Germany and i am making speaker cabinets.
I received an inquiry about the PM90 housing you developed. A customer wants me to build it. Do you agree if I use your drawings and offer the housings?
Please reply to [email protected]
Best regards Juri
Saw the 4594 BMS drivers and that you had passive crossovers. Did you use the passive cross overs? Did you also try amping each driver separately? What did you use for DSP

I'm considering building/buying PM60's, but I'm curious if passive crossovers work well on them.
I really need to use PLD 4.5 amps and their built in DSP. I can't afford lake processorss to do all the processing!
Hi, I am having trouble geeting sound out on my main LR speaker from my x32 producer console.The main Speakers are Yamaha DBR12. Any help
So new to this site. Coming out of retirement to run live sound again. Live recording as well. Building a pa and have a permanent venue to work in plus booking outside jobs. Kids are now grown, so I can indulge again. At one time I was the most booked soundman in the state. I plan to take that title again.
Hey Phil, I think I bought some dynacoustic subs from you back in 2008? Know of any others? Still have em but need 2 more
Link is broken
Would you please upload old X32-MIX ipa file now?
I am using iPad 1(ios 5.1.1)
Please... Thank you very much.
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