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M32 - Safing DCA faders

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  • M32 - Safing DCA faders

    Hi Guys

    Am setting up scenes on the M32 for a production of Les Miserables that is running this week and have run into an issue in relation to rendering the DCA faders safe from change.

    in particular I want to use the DCA's for the last scene in Act 1 where all the principals and chorus are singing in "One Day More". Some of you may have seen the You Tube video of Sam Johnson mixing the song using the DCA's on a Soundcraft Vi6 at the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre in Michigan and it looks to be really helpful way to go. My problem is that I can get the DCA scribble strips to change cast name and relevant channels without any problem but the DCA faders drop to infinity every time I load a new scene in the song causing a temporary loss of audio to the main bus. Ideally, the DCA faders should remain safe from change but I can't for the life of me get it to do it despite selecting "Fader Safe" in the Parameter Safe page of the console. (The individual channel faders remain in position - it's just the DCA faders that won't comply!).

    At one point tonight I managed to get the DCA faders not to change but that was only achieved by safing the individual DCA channels which of course then means that the scribble strip details won't pick up the cast name changes!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: M32 - Safing DCA faders

    Just a hint, maybe you can do it by building and editing a snippet...
    So remove the volume part, and leave the scribble script part in it...


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      Bob, this is exactly the problem i'm facing same concole, same show. Did u find a work around? Got a show file, ill buy you a beer some time. ha


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        I gave up on the on-board workflow ages ago, and came up with this. If you can get it working on your computer, you may find it useful.


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