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SSL Live L500+ mixing console info on reliability and opinions needed

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  • SSL Live L500+ mixing console info on reliability and opinions needed

    Dear All,

    I would need your opinion and experience regarding the SSL Live L500+ mixing console.
    Especially regarding reliability, as we are considering a new console...

    Thanks for any input :-)


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    Hi Lajos,

    I imagine there are some very good reasons why most have elected not to respond, a little more information is needed.

    What kind of services does your company provide, at what level, locally, regionally, nationally, internationally.

    Do you have a client that needs an SSL L500 for an upcoming tour, if so, then buy the SSL ..... if not, and your business is providing systems and services at the regional level, this rule is generally accepted as sound advise ...... most of your larger purchasing decisions are generally based upon what's on your riders, simple as that.

    It's not about what we like personally, it's about what people are asking for. We are like waiters, people ask us for something .... and we bring it.

    Example: I work for a regional sound and production company on the West Coast, in the U.S. Currently it's DigiCo, Avid and Yamaha. We do see Soundcraft, Studer and Midas, just more so on the bigger tours. ( probably more engineers with Digi, Avid & Yamaha show files I imagine )
    I have seen one SSL on a tour rider since their entry into the live sound market, then again, I work at the regional level.

    I would love to add an SSL desk to our inventory, legendary sound, brand recognition, possibly unmatched feature set of any desk on tour .... we just don't have a client that's willing to pay for one.

    Other considerations: how do you hose your rig together. What is your network protocol. Does it comply with what you have now or will you be purchasing additional products to make it conform to current industry alliances. ie. who's power, processing, must you use.

    Keep me posted. Hope this helps.

    Good luck


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