[ATTACH=JSON]208251.vB5-nodeid=208251[/ATTACH]California-based special event audio company Event Wave Productions has expanded its L- Acoustics lineup with a new Kiva II system.

According to co-founder Peter Carpentier, “our earlier investment in Kara has exceeded expectations, and we wanted to bring the same L-Acoustics signature sound and power to smaller venues. The new Kiva II system, with its compact and lightweight form factor, was the perfect next step.”

In addition to Kiva II modular line source elements and X8 coaxial fill speakers, the new system also features the new LA12X amplified controller. Advances in amplifier technology and speaker efficiency allow a single LA12X to drive an entire 24-box Kiva II system. Venue acoustical modeling in 3D is accomplished via Soundvision software. System management and tuning is handled via a touchscreen tablet running LA Network Manager. Advanced capabilities include automatic network discovery and matching, array morphing, and FIR filtering.

“Having recently used this system to cover an audience of over 2000 in-the-round, the results were impressive. The compact size and wide dispersion allowed for even coverage while staying out of sightlines,” said Director of Operations, Ross Goldman. “We had a headline musical act in addition to corporate presentations, and the Kiva IIs handled both effortlessly. At the end of the day, our client, and the headline talent, were ecstatic.”


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