Fill The Gap in Professional Live Sound Skills

[ATTACH=CONFIG]198880.vB5-legacyid=9713[/ATTACH]London, 24 March 2014 – Britannia Row Productions Training is introducing a new way of accessing its professional industry-based training in Live Sound Technology. People who already work as live sound technicians and do not require a comprehensive training programme, are able to book individual topics as 1-day sessions from Britannia Row Productions Training’s 12-week Live Sound Technology course. This allows to selectively address gaps in knowledge and skills and provides the opportunity to gain confidence in all aspects of Live Sound Technology.

This new scheme will first be available on the April course offering a schedule of selected topics available between early April and the end of June. Participants booking individual days will join the Live Sound Technology class for those days and will attend sessions comprising of teaching and practical activities with access to relevant equipment and supporting material. These sessions are taught by industry professionals from Britannia Row’s staff and freelance community. Taking advantage of this access route to Britannia Row Productions Training requires participants to have pre-requisite knowledge and skills tailored to each topic. The range of topics available covers professional practice and equipment relating to stage, FOH, monitors and PA systems, as well as specific aspects such as radio frequency technologies and preparation processes.

Britannia Row Productions Training offers the full range of 1-day sessions that can be booked individually or as multi-day packages through its website at [url][/url]

Through this expansion of its offering, Britannia Row Productions Training assists sound technicians who have attended studio-focused courses or who have achieved a reasonable level of competency by experience and wish to further their career in live sound through specific training.

About Britannia Row Productions Training:
Founded by Britannia Row Productions, one of the world’s leading audio rental companies famed for touring with artists such as Depeche Mode, Robbie Williams, Peter Gabriel, Jamiroquai and many more, Britannia Row Productions Training was established to provide appropriate vocational training specific to the needs of the live sound industry. Based upon Britannia Row’s expertise, resources and experience, training is offered at professional level with unparalleled access to equipment and taught by industry-leading engineers.