Astro Spatial Audio partners with Audile for Sweden

Hägersten, Sweden – June 2019… Astro Spatial Audio (ASA), the world’s leading independent solution for object-based 3D sound, is proud to announce the latest addition to its global ecosystem of suppliers, Audile Electroacoustics AB. As the official solutions partner for Sweden, Audile will provide training and support whilst spearheading the expansion of Astro Spatial Audio’s brand-independent immersive audio technology into the country’s entertainment sector.

Audile Electroacoustics is a renowned Swedish electro acoustic consulting and systems integration company with a strong footprint across the whole Scandinavian market. With a plethora of high-profile installations under its belt in the commercial and theatrical space, Audile is well placed to reinforce this position and ensure true object-based immersive audio becomes a mainstream addition to venues across the region.

“Our experience with these kinds of systems and the sonic evaluation of our trusted customers have all been clear that this is the best sounding platform on the market,” noted Mikael Collin, Sales and Project Manager at Audile. “More or less all of the larger venues will be investing in this kind of technology to cope with future demands from productions so the number of possible installs over time is huge. We already have a lot of requests for demos.”

The core of the Astro Spatial Audio solution is the SARA II Premium Rendering Engine, which facilitates the conversion of audio signals into audio objects. Measuring just 3U but delivering up to 128 MADI or 128 Dante configurable network pathways, the award-winning SARA II converts audio signals into audio objects and uses extensive metadata to precisely calculate that object’s positions within virtual 3D space over 160,000 times per second, as well as that object’s acoustic effect on the virtual space around it. Crucially, Astro Spatial Audio is entirely brand independent, freeing audio professionals to choose the loudspeakers, consoles and third-party brands they want to use.

“We are both delighted and honoured to welcome Audile into our global family”, enthused Graham Murray, who looks after global business development for Astro Spatial Audio. “The knowledge and experience of our new solutions partner are second to none, and I’m very confident that we will achieve great things together in Sweden. I look forward to a long and fruitful friendship.”

The partnership has already got off to a strong start with the Astro Spatial Audio team traveling to the region to present a range of demo sessions in Sweden and Norway. “The demo sessions were incredibly well-received by a knowledgeable audience,” added Murray. “Following these sessions, I have a huge amount of confidence that our partnership with Audile will bring us both a great deal of success.”

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Astro Spatial Audio (ASA) combines the principles of Wave Field Synthesis with the intelligence and power of the SARA II Premium Rendering Engine to bring a sophisticated spatial sound platform to the sound engineer. The result is the world’s leading independent solution for scalable and easy-to-operate fully object-based immersive audio. Delivering new creative options on tour with major artists and in theatres worldwide, ASA can also be found in venues as varied as houses of worship, planetariums, theme parks, museums, nightclubs, cruise ships and more. For more information, visit the company online at