iveSpace President AJ Sweeney (left) and Owner Rich Bacans (right) with their new EAW Adaptive rig.
iveSpace President AJ Sweeney (left) and Owner Rich Bacans (right) with their new EAW Adaptive rig.

Grand Rapids, Michigan (March 2018) – National full-service audio, video and lighting integrator and live event production company LiveSpace, has added an Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) Adaptive system to their inventory. The system is made up of Anna enclosures and Otto subwoofer modules.

Grand Rapids, Michigan-based LiveSpace was first introduced to Anna at a couple of industry trade shows.  Since then, they have had the opportunity to demo the Anna/Otto systems for a variety of clients who each have unique audio environments.  At that point, it became clear that they could benefit from owning their own Adaptive system.

“We were so impressed with the versatility and quality of the system that we decided to invest in it ourselves,” explains company President AJ Sweeney. “It will plug-and-play into our existing live productions and we felt it would further expand our business by offering another nationally recognized, rider-friendly PA. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Anna and Otto modules can adapt coverage to any venue geometry within seconds utilizing EAW Resolution 2 software. The Resolution 2 software allows the modules to assess 3D coverage of a space, determine processing and configuration to achieve this, and then implement changes in processing in a matter of minutes.

Unlike traditional line arrays, Anna modules hang in straight columns (often made up of one or more interlocking columns) which provide flexible coverage options not easily obtained with other line array systems. Columns can easily be ‘hidden’ in architecture while audio is steered to the audience.  Otto subs are loaded with two 18-inch woofers allowing each module to provide more than enough LF energy for even the most demanding music genres.

“We specialize in intelligent system design, clean installation, seamless integration, and exceptional live event production,” Sweeney adds. “From conception to completion, our goal is to create dynamic sensory experiences while exceeding expectations. The new Adaptive System helps with that goal while helping us raise industry standards at the same time. The goals of LiveSpace and EAW come together in perfect harmony.”

“AJ and his team at LiveSpace exemplify a company that is determined to offer more than the status quo,” adds Jeremy Forsythe, Business Development Manager, Installation at EAW. “It’s exciting for us to have them on our team helping spread the word about Adaptive.”

About EAW

Eastern Acoustic Works® (EAW®) is a global leader in high-performance, professional loudspeaker system design and manufacturing. Founded in 1978, EAW delivers sound reinforcement solutions for the world’s most popular concert tours and renowned permanent installations. EAW is also known for numerous breakthrough technologies including first-patented designs for digitally modeling, focusing, and aiming and steering arrays. EAW designs its products at its headquarters in Whitinsville, MA, USA in addition to hosting research and development, engineering, sales & marketing, support and administration.