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Eiki International, Inc. Announces its EM Series Wireless Conference System

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA – October 2019… Eiki International, Inc. a world leader for over 40 years in projection technology, announces the EM Series Wireless Conference System. Consisting of two microphones (the EMC02 Chairman Unit and the EMD02 Delegate Unit), the EMMU02 Main Processing Unit, the EM63 Directive Antenna, and the EM48 Charger Case, the EM Series Wireless Conference System makes an outstanding choice for both fixed conference room installations and portable setups.


At the heart of the new EM Series Wireless Conference System is its 2.4G wireless technology, which employs 24-bit PCM high precision audio—resulting in lossless wireless transmission with signal quality that is comparable to a wired connection. The system uses advanced 2.4G frequency hopping and digital transmission technology, which results in crystal clear sound quality that is free from interference while delivering a high level of security and confidentiality. With the EMMU02 Main Processing Unit’s integrated frequency shift, feedback suppression, intelligent balancing, and additional DSP capabilities, the system delivers high gain before feedback and world-class audio performance.


With an effective pickup range of roughly 1.6 feet, the system’s two pluggable gooseneck microphones—the EMC02 Chairman Unit and the EMD02 Delegate Unit—offer a light ring that lights red to indicate who is speaking at any given time. The EMC02 Chairman Unit can override all EMD02 Delegate microphones and approve or reject delegates who request to speak. When the EMC02 Chairman microphone is engaged, all EMD02 Delegate microphones are silenced until the Delegate microphone turns off—effectively ensuring that the person leading the meeting is not interrupted. The EM Series Wireless Conference System supports upward of 255 microphones, three of which can be EMC02 Chairman Units. The two microphone models operate using two common 1.5V AA batteries or NiMH rechargeable batteries. Both microphones have a standby time range upwards of 20 hours and offer continuous speech for 7 hours.


Completing Eiki’s EM Series Wireless Conference System are the EM63 Directive Antenna, and the EM48 Charger Case. The EM63 Directive Antenna connects directly to the EMMU02 Main Processing Unit and extends wireless transmission up to roughly 65 feet. The EM48 Charger Case provides charging power for upwards of 12 EMC02 / EMD02 microphones.


John Schippers, Eiki’s Chief Operating Officer, commented on the company’s new EM Series Wireless Conference System, “With our projectors, Eiki has always been a leader in meeting room technology. Our new wireless microphone system adds an essential meeting room requirement, that being audio. Our new microphone system employs proven 2.4G wireless technology which delivers clear, natural audio performance that is both secure and dropout-free. With its ability to be quickly and easily deployed, the system makes a great choice for both permanent and portable meeting environments. I’m confident AV system integrators and conference facility technology managers will find a wide range of uses for the system.”


Eiki’s new EM Series Wireless Conference System is available now. MSRP pricing is as follows:


  • EMMU02 Main Processing Unit:             $1,075.00
  • EMD02 Delegate Unit:                          $250.00
  • EMC02 Chairman Unit:                         $275.00
  • EM63 Directive Antenna:                      $265.00
  • EM50: Replacement Antenna Cable:      $30.00
  • EM48 Charger Case:                            $315.00


About EIKI

Founded in 1953 in Osaka, Japan, the company established its international network with film projection. The EIKI name literally means “projectors” in Japanese. Today, the company manufactures and markets a broad range of projection technology for education, religion, government and business communication, and offer it through a network of professional audio video dealers.