London, UK – October 2018… The historic Hackney Empire recently made for a stunning location for three days of ground-breaking demonstrations of 3D sound by Astro Spatial Audio, hosted by 2B Heard.

The event marked the first full UK demonstrations of Astro Spatial Audio’s uniquely powerful immersive audio solution. A guest list of industry VIPs responded, with more than 50 industry influencers gathering to experience not one but two full demos designed to illustrate Astro Spatial Audio’s extraordinary scalability.

For the first demonstration, the stage of the Hackney Empire was ringed with 16 pole-mounted K-array Kayman KY102 line array columns configured for wide coverage plus eight overhead Domino KF210 enclosures and four Thunder-KMT218 double 18-inch subwoofers. Guests were invited to stroll freely around the stage as they experienced perfectly phase-free, seamless 3D audio courtesy of a single 3RU Astro Spatial Audio SARA II Rendering Engine, calculating the position of each audio object in real time. In addition, with just two microphones positioned above the stage, attendees experienced the SARA II’s interactive room acoustics module, transforming the Hackney Empire into entirely different acoustic space with the press of a single button.

Finally, having demonstrated what Astro Spatial Audio can achieve with an extensive loudspeaker set-up, the audience was moved into the theatre’s main auditorium, where the same fully immersive, seamless performance was repeated with just five K-array Firenze KH7 speakers and two Firenze KS8 subwoofers. Guests reacted with a mixture of delight and astonishment.

“Some people assume that immersive audio means filling a venue with speakers, and of course you can achieve more resolution that way, but it’s possible to achieve incredible results with a much more traditional system,” enthused 2B Heard’s Dave Wooster. “Because Astro Spatial Audio is object based, it’s completely scalable from one venue to the next with nothing more than the coordinates of a loudspeaker set-up.

“At the Hackney Empire, with a single SARA II, we switched from a set-up with 28 speakers to a basic left-centre-right configuration with two rear channels, and we did it at the touch of a button. That’s the kind of solution that professionals can take seriously.”

“The three days of demonstrations hosted by our solutions partner 2B Heard were a tremendous success and far exceeded our expectations,” enthused Astro Spatial Audio Managing Director Bjorn Van Munster. “We were honoured that so many influential guests attended and had the opportunity to experience true object based 3D audio.”

About 2B Heard
2B Heard is a leading UK-based distributor of premium audio brands and is the sole authorised representative of K-array in the UK and Ireland, the UK solutions partner for Astro Spatial Audio and a dealer for the Solid State Logic L100 console. Led by respected industry figures Dave Wooster and Sam Nankivell, the company delivers exceptional service and support based on real world experience within the UK’s entertainment technology, professional AV and home audio markets. For more information please visit 

About Astro Spatial Audio
Astro Spatial Audio (ASA) combines the principles of Wave Field Synthesis with the intelligence and power of the SARA II Premium Rendering Engine to bring a sophisticated spatial sound platform to the sound engineer. The result is the world’s leading independent solution for scalable and easy-to-operate fully object-based immersive audio. Delivering new creative options on tour with major artists and in theatres worldwide, ASA can also be found in venues as varied as houses of worship, planetariums, theme parks, museums, nightclubs, cruise ships and more. For more information, visit the company online at