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Cedar Point Relies Upon One Systems Loudspeakers Rain Or Shine

Sandusky, Ohio (March, 2019) – Cedar Point Amusement Park, based in Sandusky, Ohio, has been gradually converting their outdoor sound reinforcement systems to One Systems loudspeakers since 2012. The decision was made by Jerry Beck, supervisor of technical services for the park.

“We started the transition seven years ago when we needed some larger areas covered with less loudspeakers,” explains Beck. “We did quite a bit of shopping around and, through an introduction by Eric Choucroun at Washington Professional Systems, we found One Systems loudspeakers – the best direct weather product out there. At this point, they are all I specify for our outdoor distributed sound systems in the concourse, Midway and rides.”

Since then Beck has replaced roughly 150 of the park loudspeakers with One Systems and has plans to replace the other 250 (or so) over the course of the next few years.

“We now have systems that we can rely on working from season to season – that’s powerful magic for us,” he adds. “I don’t have to do a lot of testing in the spring to figure out how many loudspeakers need replacing. They are the most reliable direct weather loudspeaker we have ever used.”

Cedar Point is located on a Lake Erie peninsula in Sandusky. The 364-acre amusement park is the second-oldest in the United States with a normal operating season of early May through Labor Day in September. The city is known for its very warm, humid summers and cold winters, which can play havoc on systems that are installed outdoors.

“Folks ask if we cover the loudspeakers in the off season and most of the time we don’t,” Beck says. “If there are loudspeakers in an area that are being covered for the winter, that’s great, but to cover every single loudspeaker in the park would be crazy. Fortunately, when we test them out in the spring, we have found that One Systems boxes keep working and working while still sounding amazing.”

This year Beck specified thirty-eight 112.HC loudspeakers for the Cedar Point Shores outdoor dining area and dozens of 112.HTH, 212.HC, 108.HTC, 212.HTC and 106.HTH loudspeakers for installation throughout the park. The Fire & Ice Stage (pictured) is equipped with four 312.HC loudspeaker stacked on the stage and four 118.HSB subwoofers located under the stage.

The Magnum XL-220 and Mine Ride roller coasters – both of which are celebrating their 30th and 50th anniversaries, respectively – will be equipped with zoned systems made up of 212.HC loudspeakers. The Cedar Point staff handles most of the installations, with Washington Professional Systems occasionally being engaged to bring in additional installation support services for the larger projects.

“We use all sizes of loudspeakers and mount them on a variety of surfaces with the goal of keeping them as subtle as possible,” he continues. “They offer a variety of mounting options which work no matter what we are doing, which is extremely convenient. Plus, they are almost impossible to blow up. With inexperienced technicians you can get some who think that more is better. In the old days, our previous loudspeakers were easy to blow – that’s not the case with One Systems.”

The partnership between Cedar Point and Washington Professional Systems began when Senior Account Executive Choucroun walked the park with Cedar Point staff in the dead of winter in 2012. He was there to evaluate converting the park audio system from analog to digital, which included making loudspeaker recommendations. Their relationship continues to this day.

“Washington Professional has been an exceptional company to work with,” concludes Beck. “I am so grateful that they pointed us in the direction of One Systems and demonstrated how amazing their direct weather products are. The audio quality and durability of the components is second to none. I can’t imagine buying anything else for Cedar Point.”

Headquartered in Nashville, TN, USA, One Systems, Inc. is a high-quality manufacturer of two brands of loudspeakers.  Established in 2006, the One Systems brand of Direct Weather loudspeakers utilizes its patented Equivalent Throat Technology® and Inside/Only Voice Coil Technology® designs.