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Neutrik Americas Announces Team Expansion

Charlotte, NC – August 2022… Neutrik Americas, part of the Neutrik Group, which is recognized globally as the leading supplier of robust and reliable professional connectivity solutions for audio, video, and data, is pleased to announce an expansion to its staff. Addressing a wide range of skills, the addition of seven new hires represents a significant personnel increase as the Charlotte, NC-based company broadens its presence throughout the Americas.

Anibal Sepulveda

Tasked with creating a marketing strategy to serve the company’s Channel Partners and engage with end users in the Americas region, Anibal Sepulveda is the new Director of Marketing, Americas. In addition to providing leadership and growth to the Americas’ Marketing team, Sepulveda will also have an active role in partnering with the global marketing organization to coordinate new product launches, improve processes, etc. He joined the company in March and is stationed at the Charlotte, NC headquarters.

Jeff Heffner

As the new Director of Sales, Jeff Heffner will steer all sales strategies for Neutrik Americas in addition to overseeing the company’s Regional Sales Managers and Account Managers. As part of these responsibilities, Heffner will also manage the company’s distribution relationships. Mr. Heffner started with Neutrik Americas in May and is stationed in Denver, CO.

Vicki Swiader

Ms. Vicki Swiader is the company’s new Market Development Manager for MCC (Major Custom Cable), which Neutrik Americas acquired in December 2021. Working from Parker, CO, Swiader’s key responsibilities include assisting customers with cable assembly solutions as part of the greater mission to increase revenue for Major Custom Cable. As part of these efforts, she will also be tasked with incorporating more Neutrik brand connectors into cable assemblies at Major Custom Cable. Ms. Swiader joined the Neutrik Americas team in July.

Jazmin Morales

Ms. Jazmin Morales joined the Neutrik Americas team as Account Manager- Bilingual in May. Morales’ ability to communicate with customers on questions about orders, inventory, pricing, etc. throughout the Latin America region is a crucial part of her responsibilities. Additionally, she will also work closely with the internal team to move inventory more efficiently for customers as well as processing orders and samples. Ms. Morales is stationed at the company’s Charlotte, NC office.

Angela Fluett

As a key member of Neutrik Americas’ marketing team, Angela Fluett is the company’s new Marketing Graphics Designer. Ms. Fluett’s responsibilities include designing graphics and animations as a vital component of the company’s marketing efforts. Further, she will also create and update sales documents and product guides in addition to advising the global marketing team on graphics related projects. Ms. Fluett joined Neutrik Americas in January and is stationed at the company’s Charlotte, NC office.

Lateek Williams and Bryan Mayes

With the recent expansion of its territory to include North, Central, and South America, the Neutrik Americas team added these two gentlemen to increase their warehouse efficiency. Hence, both Williams and Mayes are part of the group responsible for shipping and receiving the myriad of parts, materials, and other goods that contribute to the company’s wide range of items that move through the organization. Both Williams and Mayes are stationed at the company’s Charlotte, NC location.

Peter Milbery, President of Neutrik Americas, commented on the company’s expansion, “With the recent change from Neutrik USA to Neutrik Americas, we suddenly found ourselves responsible for not just a considerably larger territory, but also for the ability to address the sales, support, and other aspects of our evolving operations. Bilingual communication skills, increased sales and support staff, as well as greater warehouse efficiencies all required our attention to properly manage our newfound responsibilities. I speak for all of us in the Neutrik organization when I say ‘Welcome Aboard’ to the new members of our team. I have every confidence we will all benefit from the changes that await us.”

About Neutrik Americas

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Neutrik Americas, a subsidiary of Neutrik AG and a member of the Neutrik Group, is the leading supplier of robust and reliable professional AVL connectivity solutions throughout the Americas. Neutrik manufactures a wide array of connectors, fiber optic connector systems and accessories for a broad range of customers ranging from rock bands to lighting designers to broadcast studios to industrial equipment manufacturers. The Neutrik Group develops, designs, manufactures, and globally distributes innovative interconnection products and systems under the NEUTRIK, CONTRIK, and REAN brands. Neutrik Group is a global leader in a wide range of market segments. For more information, please visit