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Loud & Clear, Mid-America Sound Team Up On L-Acoustics System

[ATTACH=CONFIG]194319.vB5-legacyid=690[/ATTACH]New York (February 23, 2011) – Loud & Clear, Inc. and Mid-America Sound Corporation recently jointly invested in a new K1 rig, becoming members of the system’s K1/Kudo Pilot Program.

Loud & Clear, under the direction of Bill Deavers, is located in Cincinnati, OH, while Mid-America Sound, headed up by Kerry Darrenkamp, is based in Indianapolis, IN, less than two hours away via highway 74. Both companies have been part of the L-Acoustics Rental Network since 1999 when, together, they made their inaugural order of 140 pieces of gear.

This new purchase now brings the two companies’ tally of L-Acoustics boxes up to well over 500 and, unsurprisingly, represents a larger investment than the typical K Standard purchase. In particular, Darrenkamp and Deavers chose to add 48 SB28 subs as well as additional LA8 amplifier/processors.

“I fell in love with V-Dosc years ago because, for me, it was just like listening to my audiophile home stereo, but on a much larger scale,” notes Darrenkamp, who first heard a K1 on a Radiohead tour. “Hearing K1 for the first time at 125 feet out, I felt that it preserved all of the sonic qualities that I appreciated V-Dosc for. But what impressed me the most was that at 250 feet, it still sounded like V-Dosc at 125 feet. Even over much greater distances, the overall frequency response of the arrays remains the same with much less level loss than V-Dosc. So, with K1, I have that sound that I love further out than ever before.”

Since acquiring the new system, Loud & Clear – with the assistance of Mid-America Sound – deployed the rig at the two-day, five-stage Revelation Generation (RevGen) festival in Frenchtown, NJ, which sold more than 40,000 tickets prior to the event. Shortly after, Mid-America Sound – with the assistance of Loud & Clear – provided audio for X103’s annual X-Fest at the Verizon Wireless Music Center in Indianapolis. The rig was also recently utilized for Point Fest at Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH.

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Mid-America Sound


Sounds like a smart purchase. Those rigs are in big demand these days. Of course, hopefully a KUDO replacement is in the works.