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Alcons V Series Takes The Production People To A Higher Level

Based in Singapore, The Production People (TPP) is a technical production company that prides itself in providing the very best client experience. Recent investment in an Alcons Audio system has taken the company’s technical excellence to an even higher level.

TPP services a wide range of events and clients throughout Asia and owner Sheldon Gooi is always looking for equipment which can improve the experience of the company’s clients. Eugene Tay (of Alcons Singapore representative Creator’s Solutions) invited Sheldon to listen to Alcons products at the company’s off-site demo during the ProLight+Sound show in Frankfurt, an experience which left Sheldon very impressed.

“The Alcons demo really caught my attention,” says Sheldon. “The sound quality was of a higher standard than our existing systems and I saw a brand that is actively pursuing perfection with its designs and technology. Discovering something that could outperform our existing inventory made me want to invest in some Alcons products to push our boundaries further.”

Sheldon immediately saw that an Alcons V series pro-ribbon system would be the ideal solution for TPP’s ‘ballroom’ corporate events – from conferences to awards dinners. He invested in a system comprising 12 VR12 mid-size versatile monitors, four VR8 compact versatile monitors and four BF181 MkII compact subwoofers. The system is powered and controlled by three Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers.

Featuring a RBN601 pro-ribbon HF driver and 12” LF driver – which deliver exceptional intelligibility and high SPL output – the VR12 is perfectly complemented by the VR8, with its RBN401 pro-ribbon HF driver and 8” LF driver. Together they ensure seamless, controlled, high quality coverage throughout the audience of any small-to-medium sized event.

Both models feature a rotatable 90º x 40º waveguide, asymmetric enclosures and a range of mounting options, making them exceptionally versatile in use, with the BF181 MkII sub adding additional high quality low frequencies.

“We have already actively deployed our Alcons system on various events and it has never failed to get great reviews from our clients every time we use it. It is a truly remarkable system and helps to reinforce the high standards that we, as a company, stand for,” says Sheldon.

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Alcons background information;

Alcons Audio is a Dutch manufacturer of professional sound systems for quality-conscious clients in the cinema, installation and rental/touring industry.

The Alcons Audio team continuously strives for obtaining the most natural possible sound reproduction at any SPL with utmost day-to-day consistency and reliability. This is achieved through a tameless curiosity combined with a fearless drive to develop and implement unconventional technologies and techniques. Alcons’ multiple-patented high-power pro-ribbon technology is just one example.

Recent Alcons ambassadors include: Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Hamilton the Musical, Broadway New York NY, Walt Disney, Lucasfilm, National Theater Sweden, St. Patrick’s Cathedral New York USA, National Theater Finland, but also State Opera Stuttgart Germany, Red Bull’s Hangar-7 Austria and members of The Ribbon Network, Alcons’ global rental network.