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Smaart v9.1 Update Released

Woodstock, CT December 20, 2022 – Rational Acoustics LLC announces the first major version update for the recently released Smaart v9 measurement platform. Expanding on the foundation of Smaart 9.0, version 9.1 includes significant new features, useability improvements, and bug fixes.

This update introduces Rational Acoustics partnership with Audient, integrating the controls for the phantom power and gain of the EVO line of audio interfaces directly into the Smaart interface. This EVO integration provides a more streamlined workflow and Gain Tracking for EVO users.  The EVO control integration is available for all editions of Smaart v9.

Also debuting with v9.1 is the new SyncSource™ Transfer Function measurement process that can be enabled via Advanced Preferences. Available in Smaart Suite and RT only, SyncSource™ TF is a period-synchronous method of real time transfer function measurement where the output cycle of Smaart’s signal generator is the same length as the FFT size of the measurement. SyncSource™ TF measurements provide the benefit of extremely stable real time data, even in highly challenging environments.

A new signal generator option to gradually increase output level, utilizing a 1.5 second exponential fade-in, provides for a less startling experience in the field and enhanced averaging depth selections for real time measurements provide a smoother increase in measurement stability (as a variable from 1 to 10).  A default Peak sound level metric for Smaart RT & LE has also been added, as well as measurement configuration access from the Impulse Response control bar and enhanced unified data capture.

The Smaart v9.1 update is recommended for all Smaart v9 users and is available at no additional cost. The update can be downloaded directly from within the Smaart v9 program, or from within user license management accounts at

Not all new features are available in all editions of Smaart v9.  A complete, edition-specific list of new features and bug fixes in the 9.1 update, can be found in the Smaart v9.1 Release Overview, or in Smaart v9.1’s internal help file after updating.

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