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Producer Drummer Francesco Lucidi Hits Hard with AUDIX Microphones

Umbria, IT (May 15, 2024) — Drummer and producer Francesco Lucidi is a household name in Europe and is rapidly winning hearts and minds in the USA. Best known for touring with Italian rap-pop megastar Rkomi and singer-rapper Irama, he also drummed in 2020’s Vivaldi Metal Project, an all-star symphonic metal extravaganza conceived by Bruce Dickinson keyboardist Mistheria. When he’s not on the road, he operates his own recording facility, Studio 86, located in the famously lush region of Umbria. Francesco also recently worked at the incredible MOYSA studio in Milan with AUDIX to record a new soundtrack.  For both live and studio projects, he keeps an extensive lineup of AUDIX microphones at hand, including the dynamic flagship PDX720; A231 large-diaphragm and SCX1 small-diaphragm condensers; D6, D4, and D2 for kick and toms; the workhorse i5 for snares and other instruments, and MicroD. He spoke with us about his applications and techniques for each, and the clarity that keeps him coming back to AUDIX for all his miking needs.

“I’m a rock drummer. I grew up listening to lots of heavy stuff,” is how Lucidi introduces himself. “My hero growing up was [Dream Theater drummer] Mike Portnoy, and my own playing certainly leans in that direction. So, my drum mics need to be able to take it without breaking up or losing any information.”

The first AUDIX microphone Francesco discovered was one of the company’s most popular and ubiquitous, the D6, when he was attending music and audio college in London. “You’ll find the D6 on the kick drum in almost every venue,” he explains. “I recorded a lot of drums with those mics, and when I returned to Italy, I wanted to use them in my studio.

What captured Francesco’s attention about the D6? “The D6 has a fullness for low-end sources I haven’t heard from anything else,” he says. “Move it closer to the beater, and you’ll get that nice clicky kick attack of great metal recordings. Move the mic out, and it gets fatter.”

More recently, Francesco has found applications for the PDX720 that range from the expected to outside the box. “So many people talk about the PDX720 as a podcasting mic, and it’s certainly good at that, but it can also sound phenomenal on singing. Especially on the heavy rock and metal that I like, because a lot of the lead vocalists are screamers, and they hold the mic. The PDX stands up to the sound levels they can put out. It absorbs physical shock well, too, and often I haven’t even needed a pop filter. I just used the PDX on a session with a band from Poland. The Polish language has a lot of sharp consonant blends, so think sibilance and plosives. A condenser would have had a hard time with that, but the PDX smoothed them out just enough without losing any of the definition.”

Whatever the mic or the source, Francesco Lucidi sums up his fondness for AUDIX mics with one word: “Clarity. If I’ve matched the right mic to the application, it’s like I’m hearing the instrument itself when I’m listening in the control room. With AUDIX, I don’t feel like I’m hearing the mic, or even my monitor speakers. I feel like I’m hearing the essence of the source the mic is recording.”


Celebrating the milestone this year of four decades of audio excellence, AUDIX has been a trusted companion for musicians, engineers, and audio enthusiasts since 1984. From the introduction of the groundbreaking OM1 in 1985 to the distinctive design of the legendary D6, AUDIX has consistently set new standards for innovation, performance, and quality.

Proudly designed & crafted in the U.S.A, the company’s cutting-edge facility based in Wilsonville, Oregan is a hub of creativity and ingenuity where artistry meets technology, and we continue to push boundaries to redefine industry standards. Every AUDIX microphone undergoes a meticulous process to guarantee it attains the pinnacle of performance and reliability, a reflection of our dedication to quality and meticulous attention to detail. That is why AUDIX is recognized among musicians, vocalists, sound engineers and other industry professionals for delivering microphones that capture audio with clarity and precision for an exceptional audio experience.

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