Rational Acoustics Releases Smaart 7.2

[ATTACH=CONFIG]194395.vB5-legacyid=982[/ATTACH]This is not an April Fools joke! The latest release of Smaart v.7 (v.7.2) is now available for download for both the Mac and PC. [B]This is a FREE update for all registered Smaart v.7 users.[/B]

Most notable of the new features that users will encounter are:

[B]User definable/assignable microphone response correction curves.[/B] Users with mic response curve files, either supplied by the manufacturer or created by themselves (a third party), can assign them as “Mic Correction Curves” for specific input channels in Smaart’s Audio Device Options.

[B]”Preferred Panes”[/B]. The capability to have Multiple RTA or Transfer Function (Mag or Phase) display panes with different traces assigned to each. Simply put, when multiple RTA, TF Mag or TF Phase windows are displayed, every trace (live or static) remembers which “pane” it is to be displayed in. When only one window of any of these types is displayed, all visible traces appear in that pane (as in previous versions).

[B]A significant overhaul of the Measurement and Device configuration dialogs[/B] focused on making them more functional, and easier to use and understand. These changes include changing some previously confusing/misleading dialog names, and adding functionality to the Audio Device information section. Changes in this overhaul include:

[*]Renaming the “Group Manager” dialog as “Measurement Configuration”
[*]Renaming the “Audio IO” dialog as “Audio Device Options”
[*]Adding the ability to remove or ignore IO devices
[*]The ability to enter calibration offsets directly in the Audio Device Options
[*]The ability to add/assign mic correction curves in the Audio Device Options
[B]Note ID or Wavelength option with frequency in cursor read out
Peak tracking in Spectrum and Transfer Function Modes
Hide/Show button for all Spectrum and/or Transfer Function static traces[/B] that does not disturb individual trace hide/show settings.[B]
User settable Y-Grid (dB) interval to 1dB[/B]

[B]As these are significant upgrades, improved functionality and changes to configuration dialogs in v.7.2, this update is recommended for all Smaart Users[/B]. A full version Revision History including new features and bug fixes, detailed function descriptions, and a full listing of all accelerator (hot) keys is included in Smaart’s Help Files!! So be sure to read the v.7.2 Help Files thoroughly after installation. A revised version of the “Getting Started with Smaart v.7” Applications Guide, covering the changes in v.7.2 will be posted to our web site shortly.

[B]To update to the latest version of Smaart v.7:[/B]

[*]Log into your account at [URL][/URL].
[*]Select “Your Software Licenses” on the main navigation bar.
[*]Click on your Smaart 7 license in your list of registered products.
[*]On your Smaart 7 License page, scroll down to find the link to download the installer version you need (Mac or Windows)
[*]Uninstall the version that you currently have installed.
[*]Install the new version by running the installer program (Windows) or dragging the new version from the disk image into your Applications folder (Mac).
[*]It is NOT necessary to deactivate or re-activate your installation or re-register your v.7 License.
One of the biggest new product features that has come out of the v.7.2 development cycle is mostly unseen, but over the coming months it will be making itself known in third party products and applications throughout the industry. Rational Acoustics has now published our Smaart 7.2 API (Application Programming Interface) which allows external “Client” programs to access Smaart’s measurement data and control its measurement engines remotely via standard TCP/IP connections.

Third parties who are interested in making use of Smaart’s API can now obtain a v7 API SDK (Software Developer’s Kit) simply by contacting Rational Acoustics and requesting access. Please send all v.7 API requests to [EMAIL=”[email protected]”][email protected][/EMAIL].

And finally, please note we have posted a new v.7.2 Demo on our web site. You can download the demo for v.7.2 and evaluate it for 30 days – EVEN IF YOU HAVE ALREADY DOWNLOADED THE PREVIOUS v.7.0 or v.7.1 DEMO. The v.7.2 Demo has the same functionality limitations as previous versions, so please read the instructions on the Demo download page carefully prior to downloading.