Site Updates

Forum Changeover

It seems we have knocked through the biggest of the issues, there is much left to do but most of it annoys mostly me. Since I can’t get both my eyes to focus on the same point in space any more, it’s time to hit the sack.

Major issues still remaining:
1) User birthday error, FUD handed us bad birthdays which cause an error when visiting profiles. Simply updating user’s birthday to anything at all fixes it.
2) Calendars… do anything with them?
3) Front page news, I have no idea how users create it, promote it, how its moderated, etc. Hopefully this will work right and I won’t wake up tomorrow to a front page full of porno.
4) Weird post formatting issues inherited from FUD… David is on this, but it’s not going to get fixed tonight. Some things, like internal links that are no longer valid and images inserted into messages, will never get fixed. Fortunately they will be right in all new posts from now on.

So far the response from you guys has been positive, which is great. I assume I’m going to have an inbox full of name changes and other minor issues to chew through tomorrow, but that’s why we did this on a Tuesday night when I knew I’d have nothing to do the next day.

Thanks for all your support, by Monday it’s going to be a well oiled machine. Promise.

when we're kept in the loop and respected, bumps along the way are easily tolerated. we're all techs here. when was the last time any of us put together a brand new system, turned it on, and it worked and sounded perfect the second we fired up 'hey 19'.

get some rest and thank you for all your efforts. they are greatly appreciated...