Site Updates

Forum Changeover Part Deux

It’s been a long day, but very productive. It’s really great to see that almost everyone has made it over, updated their login, and started back up where we left off. The support from you guys really means a lot to David and I, and makes all the late nights over the last month worrying over this site while it almost literally exploded into being well worth it.

The vast majority of the important stuff is done. We have a few more funny little kinks, and some low priority polishing to make this new home even more “ours”, but most of that should be invisible to most of you. The front page is covered in news, I am probably going to spend a lot of tomorrow porting over my articles, but that all has gone fairly smoothly. The wiki isn’t properly integrated yet, but otherwise everything else we used on FUDforums is up and running and more… blogs, articles, facebook integration, handy navigation bits… vB continues to make producing a modern and polished site very easy. Their support is also truly excellent, we’ve been able to get all sorts of issues resolved very quickly and expertly.

We’re still seeing some small errors, possibly in the server config, possibly in the board config, possibly due to us running out of RAM on our current hosting plan. We’ll address these tomorrow, and we’ll also be moving to a VPS account that will give us a lot more server resources to work with. That account should be a lot easier to grow with as well, when we start hitting performance ceilings once again.

Now that this solid base is 95% there, we have a lot more going on that we can begin to talk about seriously. This isn’t called the Sound Forums Network just because we wanted a good three letter initialism. Thanks again for your early support, this site represents the best of the sound reinforcement community and will become an even more powerful resource for all in the months to come.

Just want to say a personal "thanks" to you guys for putting forth all the time and effort.