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I thought there might be some interest in the popularity of this site according to Google.

Since January 12, 2011:
[*]494,921 Pageviews
[*]11:47 Avg. Time on Site
[*]11.81 Pages per Visit
[*]11.62% of Visitors are New
[*]Averaging 351 Visitors a Day
[*]Visitors from 82 Countries
[*]7031 Posts
[*]411 Members

That’s pretty impressive, and I think the quality of our content speaks for itself. Growth in the last week has really taken off, we gained nearly 90 new users. This is with essentially zero publicity.

Some Fun Stats:

  • Most Popular Browser: Firefox
  • Most Popular OS: Windows
  • Most Popular Mobile Device: iPhone
  • Most Searched Member: Congratulations Jon Martin!

Looks like we passed half a million page views just after midnight Monday. We're now at 512,920. That's about 10,000 a day, and steadily increasing.
Bennett, You have just started!