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Thread: Free Drawing software suggestions for DIY Projects

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    Free Drawing software suggestions for DIY Projects

    There are a number of useful free software packages to assist with drawing needs for DIY designs.

    One excellent application is Google Sketchup.

    Sketchup is an easy to use free program that allows you to create 3d drawings. It is well suited for speaker plans.


    Another useful application is an old Windows drafting program called Draft Choice 2. It has now been made freely available.

    It is extremely small and fast, and is great for simple tasks such as making cut sheets.

    The program can be downloaded at:


    The serial number is: 163-5884-860-4

    The manual for this program can be downloaded at:


    It is password protected. The password is: DCWINLicensed9091


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    Re: Sketchup

    RE: Sketchup

    It is extremely well suported.


    It has tutorials on all aspects and power tips and techniques.

    In the Google 3D Warehouse


    Are thousands of models to download:

    These include EAW cabs, line arrays, truss and light fixtures stage and theater setups, etc

    These save much time and provide an insight to making models.

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    Re: Sketchup part 2


    Is a Sketchup warehouse tied into:


    ( A very rich resource )

    Also there are a wide variety of plugins for Sketchup that expand functionality

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    Re: Sketchup part 3

    Sketchup is a valuable tool in Education:

    I've found it useful in creating models that explain and expand upon the concept of the ''Phase Wheel''


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    Re: Sketchup part 2

    Great find!

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    Poor Engineer's AutoCAD...

    Poor Engineer's AutoCAD

    This is an 'AutoCAD compatible' 2D drawing freeware:


    Much simpler of coarse, but very similar to the real thing in appearance,

    functionality and overall feel and behavior. Opens *.dwg files

    and has nice and straight forward exporting options.

    I use AutoCAD at my day work, and this looks like a nice

    alternative for whoever needs access to basic 2D drawing

    facilities (viewing, editing and of coarse drawing) at zero cost.

    Have a go,

    P.s. Congrats on the new board


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