When I first got the schedule I was curious about back-to-back stop in OKC and Tulsa. Turns out, the presenters knew what they were doing and we sold decently in both cities. Slightly better in OKC.

If you haven’t been to OKC lately (or ever) you should know that the entire downtown area is under construction. There is a new skyscraper nearing completion and apparently another in the works. As a result, the entire infrastructure of the downtown area is being updated to accommodate these new buildings. Everything is torn up. It didn’t much matter as there isn’t a whole lot to do in OKC and most nights we just hung out in the hotel lounge. The house in OKC was converted from an old arena/multipurpose type space. It makes for some odd backstage architecture. Also, there is a very steep rake on the orchestra level. The mix position is as high as many mezzanine seats in other houses. It made for a little different experience both sonically and visually.

After a short drive to Tulsa I had a little extra time before load-in. I decided to do some laundry and was very happy to find an Addams Family pinball machine. Show significance aside, this is a great machine and I spent a lot of time playing during the week. Fellow SFNer, Justice Bigler, is the house audio head in Tulsa. We had met a few years back in NYC and it was nice to catch up during the week. The room in Tulsa was designed by the same architect as Nashville and they are nearly identical. I loaded my Nashville LCS file prior to tuning and it was remarkably close. I don’t know that I would recommend that as standard operating procedure but my curiosity got the best of me.

Tulsa to East Lansing is, obviously, another long jump which means another overnight load-in. The Wharton Center is on the Michigan State campus and is a surprisingly easy house given all of the hard surfaces in the room. The house center cluster is 14 dvDosc, specified and installed by the designers of our show, so I always use that when I’m there. One interesting characteristic of the space is that there is no balcony rail to hang lights from. This means that several fixtures are hung on pipe over the FOH mix position. Luckily this time it was only elipsoidals with scrollers above my head and not moving lights like the last time I was there. Our housing was a little ways from the venue here so we had cars. That always makes a big difference in these smaller towns.



Addams Family Tour: OKC, Tulsa, East Lansing
I got a little weather station with a remote sensor so I can compare temperature in the house to that onstage. Not quite sure what to do with that data yet but toys are fun.
Addams Family Tour: OKC, Tulsa, East Lansing
The Addams Family pinball machine
Addams Family Tour: OKC, Tulsa, East Lansing
A Powercon to Edison adapter got in a fight with a 500w work light and lost.
Addams Family Tour: OKC, Tulsa, East Lansing
Apparently our carpenters wanted to make sure ampland and/or dimmer land didn’t get to close to the show deck.


  1. Jake, it would probably be valuable to begin correlating in your head the relationship between humidity and HF prominence… makes it easy to peg blame later and get a better feel for how to tune your rig.

  2. [QUOTE=Jake Scudder;bt197]That’s actually why I bought it. I was also curious to investigate whether there are any meaningful time alignment issues that come from differing temperatures in the room.[/QUOTE]

    At these kind of distances I would be surprised, especially since it’s likely to just re-align one seat over, which is probably not a big deal.

  3. Wow, and here I thought you had a big convoluted reason for the temp and humidity unit. I didn’t ask because I didn’t want to be embarrassed that I didn’t know what to use it for 😉

    BTW, I trust that you got the Clearcom box and cable that your sparkies left in our house lights control room?