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“Life on the road with All Time Low”

Preface: I’ve been meaning to revamp my old tour blog for quite some time, so what better place to do it than a place where all the sound guys hang out? If you’ve never heard of the band before, I highly suggest that you check them out.

Where to start… We’ve been pretty busy so far this year. Spent January in Brazil, February/March in Europe, and now we’re in the states. Needless to say, it’s been a lot of fun. Brazil was an interesting set of challenges. Dealing with techs that didn’t speak english made every day an uphill battle. Luckily for me, most of the rigs on that tour were pretty solid. ATL played one of their largest headlining shows in Sao Paulo on this trip. 6,500 kids made for a VERY loud show- 122dBA as the band came on stage. The Meyer Milo rig was giving it her all to keep up.

Crowd shot:

Our UK trip was a fun one too. We were carrying a full Clair I3 rig for this run. 32 tops, and 18 subs along with an SC48 at FOH.


But now, we’re in the USA. Not quite carrying a full PA for this run, but we’ve got enough toys to keep everyone happy. However, I’ll have to save the details for next time!



Stupendous. Thanks, Evan.