Four times in the last week, in otherwise unrelated conversations, the topic of “content” has come up. Whether it be the artistic merits of a show, the worthiness of a news article, or the value of a soon-to-be-public social networking site’s stock, “content” was a common thread in these discussions.

There has also been discussion about the value and necessity of sites like this one and the one thing we all seem to agree on is that we only thrive through a collection of strong members and the content we generate. It is this idea, for better or worse, that leads me to attempt a blog documenting my experience on the road with The Addams Family. My hope is to provide a glimpse into life on the road for those who have never toured and maybe a few laughs and stories for those who have.

I’ll do my best to keep up with this as long as there is interest. I will do my best to answer any questions but must add the disclaimer that certain details may be withheld due to intellectual property concerns.

First, some credits:

The Addams Family Musical

Sound Design: Nevin Steinberg for Acme Sound Partners
Associate Sound Designer, SIM operator, LCS programmer: Jason Crystal
Production Sound Engineer: Darin Stillman
Head Audio Engineer: Jake Scudder (that’s me)
Assistant Audio Engineer: Robbie Henry

Audio Equipment Supplier: Masque Sound and Recording

More to follow soon,