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Out with new gear… VTX and Performance Manager

Here are some pictures from my tour. We’re carrying JBL’s new VTX line array. It’s really a leap forward for JBL. The boxes are very smooth and long gone is the annoying JBL midrange. There’s also amazing HF extension with no noticeable distortion.

I’m managing the arrays with Performance Manager, which came out right before the gear left the shop. It’s also a wonderful leap forward from System Architect for gigs like this. Managing all of the amps on my network is fast and easy, and so is monitoring. It does, however, require a pretty hefty processor, I’ve learned. The computer I’ve got out for PM isn’t quite up to spec and moving around the program is slow. Metering doesn’t seem to be affected by this, it’s just the process of doing things like getting to the metering.

If you have any specific questions about VTX or any other part of this system, I’m always open to discuss!

Out with new gear... VTX and Performance ManagerOut with new gear... VTX and Performance Manager