Art Welter

Have been designing, building, and mixing on sound systems since the early 1970's.

Had a good run in Minneapolis as owner operator of Southern Thunder Sound, Inc. from 1979 to 1992, providing sound and lighting for regional acts and national tours. After selling STS, took it easy for a while, mixed some regional bands, did some sailing in Florida and Bimini. Sold the boat, took a trip around the world, then moved to New Mexico in 1996. In New Mexico built a house, shop, guest house, and ran a recording studio and Welter Systems, Inc, doing sound and lighting for various live music events.
After 20 years in the high desert, moved to DeLand, Florida, just in time for a nightclub shoot out during the longest period of above 95 degree heat, which with the humidity brought the heat index to around 120 degrees while unloading four tons of equipment and furnishings into a rental house with an air conditioner that was putting more cold into the attic than the house. Next came the hurricane Matthew power outage, a falling branch putting a hole in the roof 6 feet from where I sat typing an e-mail to the landlord saying the damage didn't seem too bad, then days clearing yard debris.

I hope to finish several new speaker designs if nature co-operates...

Love to sail, joined a club and raced for the first time in 30 years just after hurricane Matthew pa



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