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Rob: I just recommended you to a bride for a wedding gig (lav mic for a minister) on 11/3/18 at the Royal Senesta Hotel in Cambridge.
If you are unavailable, please recommend someone else.
Best, Mike Monte
Henry Gutierrrez
Hello, Mr. Uli Behringer, I am a Spanish musician who resides in the north of Poland, I am a client of yours, I have the Behringer FCA1616 card, and the wonderful Behringer DEEP MIND 12. For me after 40 years I have been in electronics is the best synthesizer that I have had, I come from Korg MS-20, Kawai SX-210, Roland JP 8000, Nord Lead 2, Yamaha RMx 1, Fizmo Ensoniq, long etc, but Deep Mind is superior to everythi
Hello Josh,
I have a couple of Crest 9001's on my shelf with obscure faults.
I talk to Peavey / Barnes & Mullen here in the UK.
They have provided me with the schematics but there does not appear to be a service manual or details of the wiring harnesses.
Also details of how all the protection / Autoramp / IGM would help.
Can you help?