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    Help selecting Generator for PA System

    Just rent a 25-35kva diesel genset, 100’ feeder, and spider box and call it good.
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    Puzzled WHY compressing music damages the sound.,

    They stay because they are small and everywhere.
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    Speaker Delay

    What mixer do you use? Delay in principle isn’t hard. Sound travels at around 1ft each millisecond. So, a starting setting for delay speakers can be done by simply measuring how far they are in front of the mains and use that number of ms. Then, with some sound playing (or sometimes I use a...
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    QRX212 distortion

    I have a Sabine NAV480 with settings from EV/Telex. At their request I sent them the unit and they used it to establish settings from their reference unit.
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    QRX212 distortion

    Rob, what was the app you used for the frequency sweep?
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    QRX212 distortion

    Thanks Rob. The gasket is really thin. Suggestions on improving it?
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    QRX212 distortion

    At a gig a few weeks ago, one of my four EV QRX212s had a high mid distortion. Changing amp channels did not change it nor (on the wild possibility of venue interaction) swapping cab with adjacent cab. Other than the odd distortion, the cabinet seemed to perform ok. So, today I opened up the...
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    FS: QSC PL6.0 II amp

    I like passive subs just fine. You only need to connect one cable. In my case, I was able to replace my passive subs with a pair of self powered that suited my needs better and fit my trailer pack better.
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    FS: QSC PL6.0 II amp

    Amp is sold. I no longer need this great amplifier as I no longer have any passive subs. This is a great amp for subs. $925 or best offer.
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    For Sale: A&H GLD80 console. Excellent condition

    Bump... I need to sell this please. Make me a reasonable offer. Great desk. Super versatile. I will even include an M-Dante card for $400 more.
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    Ethernet Snake?

    I have TMB and like it. How long you looking for? I presume you mean DMX over cat5 or cat6 cable, not actually Ethernet (which isn’t a cable type)?
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    For Sale: A&H GLD80 console. Excellent condition

    I am down sizing. I have 2 A&H GLD80 consoles and I really only need 1 these days. I am the original owner and have the original box. Reasonable offers accepted. I also have a M-Dante card for it and will include it for a very reasonable price. I need the cash now. Thanks. Sent from...
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    A&H GLD-80 for sale

    Christmas Special! Price reduced to $2800 for the desk or $3500 for desk with M-Dante card. Must sell. My Christmas present of new subs is on the way and I need the cash. I am selling one of my GLD80s. I am the original owner. It has been cased since new and only used indoors. Just in...
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    WTB pair of gently used TH118s

    Subject says it all (or mostly). Touring models, not install versions. Let me know.