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    Rider Friendly DJ Consoles and Turntables

    I am planning to get a mixer with RIAA (phono) inputs and a Firewire or USB connection for recording. Although my initial use will be for archiving my record collection, I'd like to get something rider friendly that has good rental appeal, but am unfamiliar with the DJ market. What's popular...
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    [FS] Audio Toolbox by TerraSonde

    The TerraSonde Audio Toolbox is an amazingly versatile audio / acoustic test device. This model has a metal case, extendable test microphone cord, rechargeable battery, hard shell carrying case, and comes with the Contractor's Firmware V3.31. It has balanced and unbalanced input and output...
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    [FS] Eminence Lab 12

    This Lab 12 (series II, the current model) has been a spare for most of it's life, sold all the cabinets using Lab 12s so it is now for sale. Many heat retaining rubber magnet covers also available if desired ;). $85.00 plus shipping from 87505 (Santa Fe, NM) or will trade for DSP or Shure...
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    How will removing Ferrofluid from a Celestion CDX14-3050 affect it's response?

    I am about to finish the second of two cabinets loaded with Celestion CDX14-3050 high frequency (HF) drivers using three inch Titanium/Polyimide surround diaphragms. I...
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    [FS] Anvil Keyboard/Mixer Road Case

    Anvil makes the best road cases, designed to protect equipment from the all the abuse airline baggage handlers and stagehands dish out. This Anvil case has 5 handles, a continuous piano hinge, and thick foam lining. Interior dimensions are 40.25" x 17.75" x 5.75" with the foam. Exterior...
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    [FS] Complete Line Array System for Sale

    You can see Prince humping one of my 1979 vintage speakers in the movie "Purple Rain", though my designs have become more refined over the years :^). Welter Systems is the brand. I was the owner and system designer for Southern Thunder Sound from 1979 till 1992, with multiple sound and...
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    The Art Glen on tour in Madrid,

    New Mexico, not far from Roswell.. The Art Glen-Beat Box Serenade - YouTube
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    HyperboLine ™ new Player in the Old Game

    After more than 40 years of building and designing various types of speaker cabinets, I finally have designed and built some prototypes of an entirely new (to my awareness) type of enclosure, the HyperboLine ™. Using the plane wave output potential a hyperbola provides in one axis, and the...
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    High Frequency Compression Driver Evaluation

    My thanks to Bennett Prescott, U.S. Sales Manager for B&C speakers for guiding me to the proper driver for my application from the huge variety that B&C makes. Thanks to Charlie Tappa of Pro Sound Service Inc. (Pro Sound Service AV Sales Service Install 877-776-7631) for providing that B&C...
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    SpeakerPower Plate amps

    The Torpedo should be of interest to any of you that would like to put a high quality, high power amp in your sub cabinets. Optimized for low frequency use, it handles the nominal 1.5 ohm load of four Eminence Lab 12 without getting warm. It does have plenty of power to heat up the...
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    SpeakerPower Torpedo SP1-4000 Plate Amp

    Brian Oppegaard, President of SpeakerPower sent me one of his Torpedo SP1-4000 amps for evaluation. Brian spent 11 years as Director of Engineering at QSC Audio Products, Inc. and seven years in the same capacity at Renkus-Heinz before starting Speaker Power in 2002. SpeakerPower has a wide...
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    Why Do TEF Systems read 3-5 dB high ?

    While trying to compare hundreds of sub response curves, it seems that half space curves using TEF analyzers often show levels about 3-5 dB higher than other test systems and simulations read. I have attempted to show the difference in the screen capture below. The JBL SRX728 comes in...
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    LED Beam Blending

    I purchased nine Opti RGB LED fixtures, really like the colors, low (like no) heat, fairly high output. 24 one watt LEDs per fixture. When used upstage, seeing the individual LEDs is kind of distracting. I have used diffusion gel to spread the beams and blend them a bit, but it of course...