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  1. Klaus Zimmermann

    Sennheiser g3 e100 radio mic. Nothing will switch on. Not the mic itself or the box/transmitter

    below are the power supplies that go with my sennheiser wireless receivers: NT 2-3, 12V DC, 400mA, ngative/minus on the outside of the yellow 5.5mm connector hth
  2. Klaus Zimmermann

    Meyer Sound UM-1P and UM-100P drivers

    12" is ST-212 ( and high is MS-1401M ( on ours - or newer...
  3. Klaus Zimmermann

    Spectralayers signal observed at 60, 180, 300 and up.

    60hz times 3 is: 180hz 60hz times 5 is: 300hz easy :D
  4. Klaus Zimmermann

    Pro Sound Web Forums gone?

    problem solved - TX Doug🙏🙏🙏
  5. Klaus Zimmermann

    Pro Sound Web Forums gone?

    i'm "dialing" in from Germany/Europe ...:unsure:
  6. Klaus Zimmermann

    Pro Sound Web Forums gone?

    anybody haveng the same problem when TRYING to load this: An Error Has Occurred! Sorry Guest, you are banned from using this forum! This ban is not set to expire.
  7. Klaus Zimmermann

    Amp recommendation for Turbo TMS 3 and custom subs - on a budget

    in the "good old days", we hade TSE218s underneath TSM-3s (1:1), on seperate amps of course...
  8. Klaus Zimmermann

    Headphone advice for live monitoring

    +1 for Sennheiser HD280Pro!(y)(y)(y) alternative, give this a try: :cool:
  9. Klaus Zimmermann


    since 6 Mar, i've done one - outside :cry:
  10. Klaus Zimmermann

    Best Powered Speaker?

    our experience: #1 meyersound #2 rcf ...
  11. Klaus Zimmermann

    Future of live audio mixing is very soon?

    ... or maybe this:
  12. Klaus Zimmermann

    Tuki covers for EAW KF650

    Helge (i don't know if you still need some) - there's a german company that make real good ones: give them a ring
  13. Klaus Zimmermann

    [WTB] Meyersound LD-2

    Only LD-2 in working condition -TX! Please PM ?
  14. Klaus Zimmermann

    Need recommendations on the best CHEAP wireless lav system

    Since years, we use four of this succesfully: - sorry für the shop link?
  15. Klaus Zimmermann

    Exporting from Lake to Powersoft

    BW and Q between the different DSPs may not be the same: i remember :cool:
  16. Klaus Zimmermann

    [WTB] Meyer Sound LD-2 line driver

    looking for a Meyer Sound LD-2 line driver - i know... TX!
  17. Klaus Zimmermann

    4'' or 5'' coax front fill

    this is the reason i keep my passive meyersound mm-4 - just made a "nl4 splitter" to the phoenix connector the have ...:cool:
  18. Klaus Zimmermann

    This looks so dangerous...............

    Re: This looks so dangerous............... this isn't staged - from fb:evil:
  19. Klaus Zimmermann

    Starvanger Collapse - Norway

    sorry to intercept: @Norwegian guys here: any1 involved in the Starvanger Collapse ( i hope NOT )?
  20. Klaus Zimmermann

    OSX users: looking for RXTX***.jar

    title says enough - i hope. looking for a file for OSX 10.6 starting with RXTX and .jar ending, with something in between. have seen several website with code, but i'm not firm in compiling my own stuff.:blush: any ideas or if you do have thus file, please email [email protected] TX for all your help.