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    Pro Sound Web Forums gone?

    The forums are still up and running. you may have to log in, but no accounts have been deleted. If your browser is giving a blocked iP address you may have to clear your browser cache. Mac
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    Report to mod/admin?

    Is there no longer a way to report a post (such as the bobblehead post) to the moderators or admin? There used to be a button attached to the posts. Mac
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    The 135th AES Convention calendar is now online

    The event calendar for the 135th AES Convention is online HERE. If you mouse over a session it should expand to give a more detailed description. There is a very complete bunch of technical sessions scheduled, and we look forward to a great convention. Pre-registration is also available...
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    Congratulations Bennett!

    Congratulations on promising to make an honest woman of Selena. Now you can learn how to file joint income tax returns. Keep smiling. Mac
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    First New Post Button

    The "First New Post" button just seems to take me to the first post of the thread. I'm using Safari 5.2.1 under OSX 10.6.8 on a quad core i7 MacBook Pro. I think it is happening in all the forums. I think it used to work fine. Mac
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    Sidebar view of Group Discussions

    Is there a way to limit the discussions that come up in the sidebar to just the groups I belong to? I would like to not have the console discussions I am interested in pushed off the list by Rental Network discussions I'm not. Mac
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    Real name or user name?

    The re-reg screen asks for your real name, but then rejects it and says you entered an invalid user name. Mac