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    QSC TouchMix 16 sound problem fixed (other touchmix versions may also get this) in USA (USA company in Minnesota ) ( if you are in Canada, a loophole to save brokerage) Great company and prices, quick delivery, then just use the websites sorting algorithm to find the same value of the caps.
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    QSC TouchMix 16 sound problem fixed (other touchmix versions may also get this)

    Chances are if one or more caps are mushroomed on top(not flat), then the caps need to be replaced and reversed, but not just the 2 that are bad, but all the Aux inputs and the 2 mains. It will save you time not having to take it apart a second or 3rd time. Note, it's just those, not all on the...
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    QSC TouchMix 16 sound problem fixed (other touchmix versions may also get this)

    If you have already did a reset and checked the capacitors, it looks like you have deeper problems, could be a few different components, check to see if there's anything burnt, or if you have a multimeter, do comparison tests between channels.
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    QSC TouchMix 16 sound problem fixed (other touchmix versions may also get this)

    I used Google translate. So the caps were ok, only one channel has low audio or do both have problems ? Try doing a factory reset.
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    Midas M32 Security

    Unless I'm missing something with the model you mentioned, you could just save A and also B's mix on the flash drive and not leave it where they can find it. If they mess with what's currently on the mixer at the time, just re-load it. You could just do that every time in case you don't know if...
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    Noise from LED lighting circuit getting into audio circuit?

    I developed a similar problem possibly as you, on my repairs bench when I swapped out my florescent magnifying work light for LED when the old one died, the new power supply is generating a buzz in my test amp, and no amount of shielding on anything associated resolved it. Apparently it's a...
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    Behringer X32 Rack power supply failure

    Edit: I don't know if the original post was edited or I just didn't see it before, I see you found bad parts in the supply, so my reply below doesn't apply, but is still good for other situations. ==================== I'm not sure if you originally had a link in your reply ? It's possible...
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    Simultaneous HDMI and speaker audio

    I'm assuming the audio is delayed, the delay is because of processing and converting it needs to go through before you hear it, so you just need to find a way to delay the video so it lines up. Alot of TVs fave a function in the menu to achieve this, but if you're not getting it from the TV...
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    Sennheiser RF Active Splitter with Shure Receivers

    It's too bad your mics aren't 608mhz and below. When that ruling came down and the cell phone companies "bought" those frequencies, we ended up with about half legal, and half ok, for now at least, until the powers that be decide they need more frequencies and pilfer more frequency bands. So far...
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    Is it possible to combine multiple amplifiers to get higher power?

    I would expect that the output would have to match in just the right way so that it's working unison, otherwise it would be "fighting" the other amp. I would not attempt it, too risky in the unknowns. That would be an expensive experiment if it didn't work and damaged any of the units in the...
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    QSC 16 doesn't connect to iPad

    I had one of the dongles go missing, and I tried another nano dongle and it worked good, so they aren't propitiatory, so possibly try a different one to test if it's the dongle or something else. The brand I used is a TpLink TL-WN725N. Even if it's just borrowing a larger wireless adapter for...
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    QSC TouchMix 16 sound problem fixed (other touchmix versions may also get this)

    New problem caused by these bad caps, it sounds like a train going down the tracks just in hearing distance, fine on Aux out. This is another one of our touchmix-16 units with bad caps and I did a continuity check, and sure enough the negative was at pin 2, but I was expecting the + of the cap...
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    Multiple amps suddenly stopped working in stereo mode but still work in bridged

    Yes the switches are a slim possibility, but still possible, under the right "perfect storm", like age, previous usage of the switches, etc. If a switch isn't used for a long time and then moved, it can cause issues. For some reason oxidization doesn't seem to happen directly at the position it...
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    Multiple amps suddenly stopped working in stereo mode but still work in bridged

    There is a very slim possibility it's a dirty/oxidized switch, under the right circumstances I've had the switches on a few units fail repairing things. Especially if the switches in question haven't been used and then you started. Kind of like with old amplifier balance pots, it's sitting in...
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    Dim tweeter

    The ones I ordered in the past from the supplier that closed its doors, I think he said he was building them, they looked almost identical to original, if anything they seemed to look more robust. I tested in the Vertec using my ears and the sweep pattern in the JBL program (Performance...
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    Dim tweeter

    Good point. Ours that have the ferrofluid have always been from units that have the hf drivers tucked away from "spoilage", and clean from burns etc., just dealing with the infamous Vertec speakers with cracked domes/separated coils of the hf driver making it rattle at higher volumes. I seem to...
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    Dim tweeter

    The aftermarket speaker kits can save you some money, it's just a matter of finding a good manufacturer. I used to have a good one that had almost everything I had needed, but he shut down over the pandemic. The few times I bought parts at Simplyspeakers they were good, they have factory and...
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    Dim tweeter

    Sometimes a coil can just get "weak". I see that when fixing speakers, the tweeter will look alright, but the coil is just fading away. Measuring the impedance/resistance of each of them might tell you that, but not necessarily. They should be pretty close, whichever the resistance of the good...
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    Obnoxious high pitched buzzing sound from LED screen to every DIed instrument on stage.

    "Screeching sound intensifies when the musicians are directly in front of the screen and diminishes as they move away" .... Is the musician a vampire and the light is hurting him/her ? ;););)
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    QSC TouchMix 16 sound problem fixed (other touchmix versions may also get this)

    Yes I know what you mean, it's understandable, it seems like a big error, and head scratcher how it left the design, factory, etc. without being caught. Any repairs they'd just swap the board, and problem solved. The thing is that with most things these days, just like automakers with recalls...