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  1. Max Warasila

    New DIY Mid High (90deg)

    Peter, This may be true, but without a significant increase in voice coil area, there will be very little appreciable difference in the power handling of the two drivers. This is why I consider the RCF to be the real upgrade one can make.
  2. Max Warasila

    New DIY Mid High (90deg)

    Peter, My point on the 18 sound driver actually that it is both excursion and power limited before the RCF, and more excursion limited than the RCF, all while being one of the most expensive options for 12" drivers in the cabinet. I'll admit I was unsure how to model the design in hornresp - I...
  3. Max Warasila

    New DIY Mid High (90deg)

    I am not Peter Morris, but after a cursory glance at that driver's spectifications, I would say that that driver could be used, but is beginning to stray from the ideal drivers available for this design. The MMS is notably lower and vas is higher. I threw all three drivers into hornresp to show...
  4. Max Warasila

    [WTB] Audio Technica AT3031

    All, Been looking for some of these. If you have some that you're trying to get rid of or spot them for sale, please PM me or send me an email. Will pay a fair price for the. Thanks in advance.
  5. Max Warasila

    60 Degree DIY Mid Hi

    Glad you did it so I didn't have to! I was budgeting out to test them earlier in the summer, but I guess there's no need. :)
  6. Max Warasila

    60 Degree DIY Mid Hi

    Oh, and Rodger - I do have a few specific technical notes to add that didn't really fit the narrative of my previous post. I did not include recommendations for the rear angles because there is no good way of cutting the angles ahead of time before assembly. The multiple compound angles...
  7. Max Warasila

    60 Degree DIY Mid Hi

    Hi Rodger, Sorry not to notice your plight with my drawings until now! I think I could have saved you a lot of headaches here. One thing I did not really mention in my posts about the drawings that I have mad is the story of the struggle to get to a single unified design. When I embarked on...
  8. Max Warasila

    Ported Sub to Tapped Horn. Questions before starting

    MDF is *garbage* for pro sound applications. It's only real benefit is that it's cheap and somewhat easier to work with, but it's nowhere near stiff enough and the final design will weigh much more as a result of additional bracing and the higher density of MDF.
  9. Max Warasila

    18sound 15LW1401 BR Build (+ other questions)

    I think it's certainly possible to use those panels for the construction of your speaker, however your joints will still need to be painted in all likelihood so it's kind of a pointless effort. Since you seem to be in the EU, just use Warnex instead - the stuff kicks but and I'm jealous that I...
  10. Max Warasila

    Compression Driver Horn Design

    Does anyone have pointers on where to start for foundational knowledge here? Also, what tools are available for the simulation of such devices? Only thing I really know I can look at is Acoustics by Beranek, which is fine, but the ultimate goal is to construct a CD type horn, and Acoustics...
  11. Max Warasila

    Bheringer Inuke 3000 Protection Mode

    Yeah so basically, if you're getting the red lights only, you're pretty much screwed and need to get it repaired. I've got one I've been meaning to take apart and take a look at, but I'll probably just have to live with paying MUSIC Group for repairs.
  12. Max Warasila

    New DIY Mid High (90deg)
  13. Max Warasila

    New DIY Mid High (90deg)

  14. Max Warasila

    New DIY Mid High (90deg)

    The B&C design will almost certainly have better distortion characteristics. The impedance traces also clearly show a different design to the BMS. The B&C design also seems to promise a much nicer crossover region where both diaphragms work together, as opposed to the rather steep and sudden...
  15. Max Warasila

    Thoughts/ideas on a 21" ported horn sub

    Too much volume behind the driver. Reduce it about 150L.
  16. Max Warasila

    [WTB] WTB: BMS 4594 Drivers

    I still have one 4594HE.
  17. Max Warasila

    Live Audio Hacks?

    Audio wood.
  18. Max Warasila

    Thoughts/ideas on a 21" ported horn sub

    I'll add to Art's comment about port area by saying that the BR 21" design I'm currently working on has 1260 cm^2 of port area, and that's probably just about enough.
  19. Max Warasila

    JBL EON 600 Series Quality

    They're pretty meh - I wasn't impressed last time I listened to them. They've gone a far less harsh route with the new eon series as compared to the original. Not sure it can be beat for 300 dollars, though.
  20. Max Warasila

    DCX2496 bricked - unbrickable? (*SOLVED*)

    I have a unit that's has a *very* broken encoder wheel, so the software is a must.