Josh Evanz

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Apr 19, 2023
New Orleans
Im still blown away by the super bowl performance. The star spangled banner by Reba who’s from my home town and then another twister movie. Why we keep making movies about twisters rather helping the buffalo heards grow preventing tornados in the first place is beyond me. We can all thank the government for that. 
While the audio installation market shrinks the tour industry grows however its not growing its just getting larger. Being as im the resident unappreciated expert id like to point out some basics of audio which are likely ignored by well, everyone.
Three metrics completely ignored by well, almost everyone, Impedance of loudspeakers, STI and LEQ.
How one measures impedance on a powered loudspeaker ill never know. What is impedance used for, well. In short it answers the question, is there a hole in the wood loudspeaker? Are the drivers in tolerance of specification. Now an expert will design a system capable of doing just that with one mouse click. Sadly we still don’t...

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Sadly, yes. It said continue reading, but I couldn’t work out firstly where that text came from? It made little sense, so I did assume that. It was some kind of AI that had gone wrong?Like “is there a hole in the wood loudspeaker?”

im sorry I got it wrong. What did you mean?