M32C Inputs and Effect Limits

Byron Yafuso

New member
Apr 8, 2024
Poway, CA
I hope this thread is appropriate for posting my question. I'm running an M32C into two DL16s, and am wondering whether I could use all 16 XLR outputs without sacrificing effects. I'm in a 7-piece band, and was hoping that we could eventually do 7 stereo IEM mixes and one LR FOH mix. But it seems like mix buses 13-16 are dedicated to effects, and it also looks like using those mix buses for effects means you can't use XLR outputs 13-16 for anything (unless you want to output the input mix going into the effects). Is there some way to get mixes for the last 4 XLR outputs using some other buses and still having effects mixes as well that never leave the mixer?
In a word, no... not at the same time.

The default XLR patching has buses 13 & 14 on XLR outputs 13 & 14, with XLR outputs 15 & 16 patched to main L & R. While EFX 1 is patched to BUS 13, you don't have to use it. You can unpatch it in the EFFECTS EDIT, or dedicate that effects slot to a channel or bus insert without using a bus for the send.

Experiment using X32 Edit (download from Behringer) for Win/Mac/'nix to see how this works before you start making changes to your mixer, but if you only need 2 effects you should be golden.