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Josh Evanz

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Apr 19, 2023
New Orleans
Greetings fellow profesional audio citizens,

I must ask what do people want and like or dont like about talking and sharing audio online via forums. Facebook obviously took a bulldozer to several thousands of online communities and while I like the added noise and appreciate the manufactures supporting their communities The online forums in the past for basically everyone but the biggest of professionals was usually pretty helpful.

Also what do people think about sound forums and their employers, some surf the web all day looking for audio, do yall think that employers embrace people using sound forums for work?

Im a newbie but not new to the audio industry, im obviously considering making some personal time investments in create content and promote solid audio concepts creating engaging conversation's.

Sound foums already has a typical audio following but im looking for examples on how to add value to what’s already existing and at the same time prevent things from…. Not working which is I gues typical audio speak, audio “I fix problems you dont know you have, lol”.

And, if I stuck my foot in my mouth, it’s ok, im a professional at that. Iv literally made a career by saying the wrong things to people who needed to hear it, get fired for doing my job and then re hired all over again. It’s been a fun cycle, cyclically speaking or sinuisoidally, audio is for example the study of things that repeats. Perfect example twenty years ago I shot my mouth off about Showco, got in big big trouble lost my gig all for posting things I really shouldn’t have posted in the first place which is ok now but back then,how the hell did I know how small audio was and is. It doesnt matter that Showco didnt work out for me, I got another tour shot down the road, and actually screwed that up as well so tour sound just wasn’t in my cards. Hence why I hang my hat on design and install world.

Also im thinking about re editing all of these postings about system installations thats largely automated, the question is are there any content feed topics that people are tired of?


Post your projects in the Install thread. There is not a major run of traffic on here. If you are just looking to post work you have done and don't like facebook there is some spaces on Reddit that cater to that.
Yes, sadly both PSW and Soundforums traffic has dropped drastically over the last decade.
I still check occasionally and there is a ton of great historical content. Reddit has been more of my go-to in recent years, not a Facebook fan at all.