X32 Rack - Assign Front Panel Knobs - Where is it in Version 4??

drew gandy

Jul 17, 2011
There used to be a key combo that would jump you to "page C" where you could assign the front panel knobs to channel faders etc. My Google Fu is weak. I'm not finding the instructions for this. And I suspect that it was changed in version 4 of the firmware? Anyone still use this? Or remember how it's done?
I finally figured it out. The secret key combo is "MUTE GRP + UTILITY" and then you have 4 tabs. The Home tab is where you actually use the knobs you set on the SETs A,B and C tabs. I used SET C to setup basic fader control of 4 channels. To use it I have the HOME tab active and arrowed down till set C is highlighted in yellow. Then the middle 4 knobs below the screen control the levels for 4 channels at once. I can finally mix a quartet without having to bounce between selected channels!
In full sized X/M32 that would be the equivalent of pressing the "VIEW" button in the ASSIGN control group. Took me a minute to figure that out; the key combo used for the Rack doesn't work on the full size desk.