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  • Comments on Dr. Floyd Toole's "The Measurement and Calibration of Sound Reproducing Systems"

    Dr. Floyd Toole’s Article: "The Measurement and Calibration of Sound Reproducing Systems"

    The author raises a wide range of problems in the field of loudspeaker usage, but is quite skimpy in proposing any real solutions. ...
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  • Equalizing Loudspeakers

    Equalizing Loudspeakers

    This is a well-known problem for equalizing any system with the linear (usually complex) transfer function K(jOm) by use of a correcting system (circuitry) with the transfer function 1/ K(jOm) that equates as K(jOm)*1/ K(jOm)=1 unity transfer. ...
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  • Power Distribution Part 3 - Branch Circuit Distros

    Power Distribution Part 3 - Branch Circuit Distros

    As the size of the event increases, so usually do the power requirements. The Poor Man’s Distro concept can help manage up to about 4 circuits sourced from around the room – assuming you can find that many, but that’s about it. Even finding two or three circuits may require long and inconvenient cable runs. It’s time for bigger guns. ...
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  • Power Distribution Part 2 - The Poor Man's Distro

    Power Distribution Part 2 - The Poor Man's Distro

    In part one of the series, we covered some methods to find multiple circuits in a venue. This next section covers how to use them best. ...
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  • Power Distribution Part 1 - Multiple Ciruits

    Power Distribution Part 1 - Multiple Ciruits

    It doesn’t take long before a 20A 120V circuit starts to seem small. In this article series, we will take a look at several next steps. ...
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  • Stair Cardioid Subwoofer Array

    Stair Cardioid Subwoofer Array

    The advantages of cardioid sub configurations are well known, however they also have some drawbacks. Because of the nature of the arrays in their two-in-line and inverse-stacked variations, cardioid systems reduce the acoustical pressure not only on the stage, but also at FOH, the most important area! This is in front of the array, where the audience is located. SPL can be decreased by greater than 3 to 6 dB when compared to a simple mono cluster. This makes the technique unviable in situations where maximum SPL is needed. Measurements are presented to illustrate the problems with traditional cardioid sub configurations, followed by an introduction of our new way to create a cardioid array. In this new method, we achieve the same output levels as a mono cluster across most of the subwoofer’s bandwidth, while maintaining the benefits of a cardioid configuration. ...
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  • Condenser Microphones For Live Sound

    Condenser Microphones For Live Sound

    Last month my interview with Philip Graham revealed some of my misconceptions about condenser microphones being a bad choice for live sound. Most sound engineers and musicians are so used to close miking with dynamic mics like SM57s that they...
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  • Fundamentals of RF Coordination for Live Sound Part 2 - Antennas

    Fundamentals of RF Coordination for Live Sound Part 2 - Antennas

    There seems to be a lot of discussion on various pro audio forums about choosing antennas and how to best configure your wireless systems for optimum performance. There are descriptions of many examples of setups that have worked well for specific situations, and different opinions about general rules of thumb. Anecdotal examples of success...
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  • Basic Receptacle Testing

    Basic Receptacle Testing

    We’ve had a few posts recently about blown up gear due to power problems. Here is a basic metering procedure that should give you a good indication of the safety of a standard North American receptacle (NEMA 5-15R or 5-20R).

    Standard disclaimers: - Performing this test can give you reasonable assurance that a receptacle is properly wired and funct...
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  • TCP/IP Networking Primer

    TCP/IP Networking Primer

    OK, so here's a basic primer on TCP/IP networking. Applicable to basic computer networking, including audio devices with a TCP/IP (aka "Cat5") port and standard networking. I'm not going to bother to explain the acronyms. Make up a cute and memorable name for each if you like. So the overview is that each device on the netw...
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    Items located in Los Angeles CA 90065

    1x Pelican 1610NF (No Foam) - $140
    1x Foamed Pelican 1610 w/3U Rack and storage space - $295
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    Radio, Computer audio combination
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    SRX818 Crossover question
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  • Ben Lawrence
    10k Lumen rental pricing
    Ben Lawrence
    What are you guys seeing for the 10k neighborhood projector rental pricing?
    I have been looking around a bit and pricing varies but it looks like 800$ or so daily rate and 3k weekly.
    I understand...
    08-11-2017, 07:41 AM
  • Daniel Postilnik
    Replacement options for QSC ADS282H
    Daniel Postilnik
    This is a dual 8" woofer / 1" horn loudspeaker that QSC has removed from its lineup and sourcing parts for repairs is now very difficult. The environment is a exercise studio playing music and...
    08-07-2017, 03:32 PM