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  • Can't respond to you as I can't post to that thread even though the "post Reply" and "quote" links are there (but do nothing). I'm using teh Chrome browser.
    Also when using the "New Topics" link I see a weird entry:
    "Redirect:USAF Band - Engineer Vacancy (Washington, DC)
    Started by Brian Bolly, 05-04-2016, 03:34 PM"
    Hi David,
    I can't reply to the your "Transitioning to v5..." post even though you're requesting replies re any problems. :) I was going to mention that the login isn't obvious. It took me sometime to find the white bar above the site header. Maybe change this to a colour that isn't white!
    (I was also getting some security token errors when logging in and a whole new SF session essentially started inside the login dropdown (below my name at the top). kind of like a window in a window. I can't replicate it now.)
    David Karol
    Hey, thanks. We could definitely change that, i'll add it to the backlog of cosmetic changes to look into.

    Now that there's a load, we're running into a lot of unforeseen issues that weren't seen on the test server. Once we're running smoothly, I'll start working on migrating content from blog sections over, and then the cosmetic side.

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