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  • I found a post about a year old where your tuning Peter's DIY60 with a miniDSP. And then I had asked a question about using a miniDSP. Post #614 on the 60 Degree DIY / page 41. You replied with the miniDSP has I/O level limitations. Consumer I/O levels.

    So I'm wondering, what would be ideal levels for output?

    The reason I ask is because I think that maybe a miniSharc might be a better option. Then from the Sharc I can use DACs. I'm hoping that a DAC might give me better output levels. Can I get your opinion on this? What should I look for in output levels?
    Mark Wilkinson
    Hi Johnny, I've found the OpenDRC boxes need about a 10 db boost to bring them up to pro levels. I guess really anything that converts, what is it, -10dBV consumer to +4 dBu ....I'm using an X-32 rack for this but am thinking about replacing the Xrack with a low cost Beh mx882

    If you find DACs you like please let me know
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