1. J

    Signal Passing Through Audio Interface When Knobs Are At Zero

    hello, i'm new, so please forgive my ignorance. i purchased an M-Audio 192/6 and via USB-C it plugs in to my Macbook Pro M1 Max / macOS 13. any sound source i plug into it (Microphone, Line, Instrument inputs) comes thru even when the volume/gain/knobs are all the way down/off. i've tried it...
  2. R

    M-Audio SOLO clipping

    I am connecting my Mackie DSFX-6 to an M-Audio Solo interface to go into my Mac. I've set the mixer up as every tutorial says to and when I speak into the mic, the main level is peaking at about -4DB. There is no distortion at all. I'm coming out of the Mackie CH 1 Main Out with XLR to the XLR...
  3. Jamie Cribb

    How do you remove sustain from M-Audio Keystation49 MK3?

    Happy New Year! I just hooked up a new Keystation49 midi controller which is working fine, with one exception. The keyboard is permanently stuck on sustain, resulting in long sustain or never ending chords when I touch the keys. I don't have or want to use a sustain pedal. There is no mention...
  4. David Friman

    M-Audio GSR 12 schematics?

    My M-Audio PA has blown some capacitors and resistors and I have change those without any issues. However, there are some unidentifiable smd transistors that needs to be changed as well. Anyone here that know where/how to source the schematics for the M-Audio GSR series amplifiers? Regards, David