Signal Passing Through Audio Interface When Knobs Are At Zero

Jason Adair

New member
Jun 3, 2023
i'm new, so please forgive my ignorance.

i purchased an M-Audio 192/6 and via USB-C it plugs in to my Macbook Pro M1 Max / macOS 13.

any sound source i plug into it (Microphone, Line, Instrument inputs) comes thru even when the volume/gain/knobs are all the way down/off.

i've tried it using GarageBand as well as Audacity... same issue with both.
yes, i can still turn up the knobs, and it does boost the signal, but still, shouldn't there be NO sound coming thru with those knobs down?

i spent 2 hours with M-Audio tek support via chat yesterday and they said the device must be defective. i purchased it on Amazon last week, so i did a return and re-purchased it (from a different seller on Amazon). i received it today, plugged it in, & it's doing the same thing!

am i missing something?

thanks - i appreciate any wisdom on this.
@Paul Johnson
Thank you for your reply!

i haven't been utilizing the headphone out nor main out yet. i've just been monitoring from my computer speakers. so both those knobs have been all the way down as well.

i'm very new to all this and am learning. i didn't understand the difference between Gain & Volume. not sure i still grasp it fully, but i think enough now to know the input level knobs are Gain, not Volume, on this device.

someone else pointed out to me too that even with Gain all the way down, signal will still pass thru the device (tho weak).

i guess that M-Audio tek support person just did not understand either (odd).
i may try another chat session with them to point this out & see what they have to say.