Anyone have experience working with "Grande Engineering LC-24" lighting desk?

Lisa Lane-Collins

Dec 9, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
Just bought one of these (extremely cheap, extremely crap, but has flash keys and the potential for scenes and chases and so seemed to be a more appealing option than any of the other entry level) lighting controllers.

It seems like half the channels have been reassigned by the last owner. It came with 2 manuals, neither of them the right one, both I suppose for the desks this desk is knocking off. Both manuals say I can get back to default factory settings by holding down the record key and pressing flash 1, 3, 2, 3. It's meant flash all it's LEDs in agreement when it has understood this command but it is strangely unresponsive (aka not working, also notable, pressing and holding the record key does Not result in the record LED lighting up).