Available in Houston

Jan 11, 2011
Houston, Texas
Hey all, Just wanted to throw it out there that I am available in Houston just as a tech or providing a full sound system. Please email me or even contact me through here. The very basic breakdown of what I have is the following:

3- EV DC One DSPs
2- EV P1250 amp Highs
4- EV P3000 amp Mids/Subs
4- EV QRx 153 - 3 way bi-amped FOH speakers
4- JBL SRX 728 - dual 18" Subs
2- Turbosound Milan M15 Powered Speakers/Wedges
4- Turbosound Milan M12 Powered Speakers/Wedges
Shure, Audix and EV microphones
Countryman and Klark Teknik Direct boxes
1- Midas M32
1-36x12 Split snake
1-Soundcraft Si Impact/Monitors

Overall this is a REALLY nice little PA system.

efhunter4419 AT G Mail.com